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Schooling for disabled children and defending the rights

National Day of Disabled Persons
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People with disabilities in Niger face a much higher level of discrimination and socio-economic inequality than the rest of the population. This discrimination is expressed through poor access to education, employment, healthcare and the limits placed on their role in society.
Many obstacles and environmental limitations stand in the way of ensuring respect for their basic rights. People with disabilities are rarely actively involved in society or play a role within their communities.
In Niger, and particularly in Niamey, Handicap International works in three key areas:

Fostering the inclusion of disabled school children in mainstream classes, in partnership with the Ministry for National Education in the urban district of Niamey
Promoting the rights of people with disabilities by providing advocacy support to disabled people's organisations and building their capacities
Developing mine and UXO risk education in the region of Agadez

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